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You are listed on one or more of our Email blacklists, please see below for details and the reasons for listing. Please click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen to talk to the team.

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Authentication Blocklist

The Authentication Blocklist is intended to be used to identify and prevent account compromises or as a blocklist to prevent listed hosts from authenticating to your services running on HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, SSH etc. to prevent dictionary attacks, brute force or logging in with phished credentials etc.

It contains IP addresses of hosts that are infected, botnet members, proxies, VPNs, TOR exit nodes and hosts that have been attempting to authenticate to our honeypots.

To avoid any potential false-positives, this list has a very short listing time of 12 hours.


This contains IP addresses that should not appear on any of our IP blacklists, either because they don't send spam or because they have a lot of genuine users and blocking those could cause unacceptable collateral damage, so alternative listing methods should be used instead.

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