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Email Blacklist

You are listed on one or more of our Email blacklists, please see below for details and the reasons for listing. Please click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen to talk to the team.

Spam Blacklist

This is our traditional blacklist which contains the IP addresses of any hosts that have recently sent spam to our traps.

All of our trap domains have never been genuinely used for mail and never originate mail. It is also our policy that we never use typo domains (e.g. domain names similar to large services are blacklist traps).

Any host, therefore, sending mail to our traps are either infected, compromised, spam from purchased lists or spam from services that do not do confirmed opt-in (e.g. validating the email address of new sign-ups before allowing access or adding the address to CRM systems, etc.).

To avoid listing large mail providers such as Google, Microsoft Office 365 or any other multi-tenant mail services that might have compromised accounts or fraudulent sign-ups, we have extensive whitelists which prevent these hosts from being listed.

Policy Blacklist
not listed
Exploit Blacklist

For this list, we observe the behavior of SMTP clients connecting to our traps and our partners' mail services. It lists any IP exhibiting irregular SMTP client behaviour in a way that indicates that it is either a compromised host or service (including IoT devices), open-proxy, VPN, TOR exit node, viruses/worms or botnet infected.

not whitelisted
Abusix Trap Hits (last 30 days)
1000+ hits
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NameJSC ER-Telecom Holding