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Email Blacklist

You are listed on one or more of our Email blacklists, please see below for details and the reasons for listing. Please click the chat button at the bottom right of your screen to talk to the team.

Spam Blacklist
not listed
Policy Blacklist

This blacklist lists all IP addresses that are unlikely to be used by a legitimate mail server. Legitimate mail servers should use a static IP address with a non-generic PTR record and that reflect the host and domain name of the mail server and ideally should match the forward lookup for the same name (FCrDNS).

It is designed to catch botnet traffic, compromised hosts, hijacked IP space and compute/VPS hosts.

This list is generated by running a reverse DNS lookup for every IPv4 IP address and lists IPs with:

  • no PTR record
  • PTR record with an invalid top-level domain (TLD)
  • PTR record contains part of the IP address (e.g. 127-0-0-1.example.com)
  • PTR indicates dynamic IP (e.g. subdomain contains: dynamic, dyn, cable, generic-host, nothing, dsl, dial, dhcp, unallocated, broadband, internetdsl, gprs, no-dns-yet, unassigned, unknown, ipngn, ...)

Any host containing smtp, mail, mx, mta is automatically excluded.

Please do not request a delist from this zone unless you are running an email server on this address. Being listed in this zone will not affect your ability to send email unless there is a mail server running on it.

Exploit Blacklist
not listed
not whitelisted
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IP Details
No reverse DNS configured for this IP

NameGoogle Fiber Inc.